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Local Safety Diagnosis System

Local Safety Diagnosis System

The Local Safety Diagnosis System integrates safety-related statistics that government agencies and public institutions had previously managed on their own, and makes them available to local governments. It also provides tools for local governments to diagnose and analyze the local safety level in their respective areas. The system also discloses safety indices based on safety related statistics.

Disclosed to the public Local safety index / For internal use Local Safety Diagnosis System
Disclosure of local safety indices in seven key areas

Various safety statistics are used to compute local safety indices in seven key areas, i.e. traffic accidents, fires, crimes, safety accidents, suicides, and infectious diseases. These are further classified into one of five levels and disclosed to the public. Local governments can use the Local Safety Diagnosis System and local safety indices to identify local risk factors in their areas for improvement, and the central government offers consulting. Such efforts have resulted in the mitigation of negligent accidents in each area.

Safety index( National/public statistics, 7 areas,  Level 1 through 5)→Safety diagnosis( Indicator diagnosis, Space diagnosis, Including local government statistics)→Consulting on safety improvement(Simulation, Presentation of improvement projects, Identification of policy items)
Number of traffic accidents(Number of road traffic deaths) : 2014(4,489)→2016(4,019) ▼470(10.5%)/Number of fires(Number of fire-related deaths) : 2014(322)→2016(301) ▼21(6.5%)/Crimes(Number of top five crimes) : 2014(578,334)→2016(528,903) ▼49,431(8.6%)/Suicide(Number of suicides) : 2014(13,836)→2016(13,092) ▼744(5.4%)

Local safety index / Local Safety Diagnosis System