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Safety e-Report

Safety e-Report

The Safety e-Report system enables citizens to easily report risk situations through the homepage ( or smartphone App. People can report safety threats anytime and anywhere, enabling the government to react promptly to secure the public safety from disasters, accidents and dangers.

A single, integrated channel to report safety risks enables quick reporting and handling

The Safety e-Report, which integrates reporting systems into a single channel, enables an instant assignment of reported risks to the relevant institution. Reported risk will be resolved within seven days, and the result will be notified to the reporter. This helps track risk indicators and prevents minor accidents, ultimately preventing larger-scale accidents.

Risk found→Reported(A coastal road(Reporter A), DAY 1)→Directed to relevant agency(MOIS, DAY 2)→Risk resolved(KEPCO, DAY 5)→Notice of processing result(Reporter A, Within 7 day)
Daily-Number of safety reports (average) : 2015(203cases), 2016(417cases), 2017(620cases)/By year-Number of reports received and handled(as of Oct. 31, 2017)year(Number of reports received/Number of cases handled) : 2014(1,488/1,488), 2015(74,123/74,123), 2016(152,768/152,768), 2017(188,478/184,792), Total(416,857/413,171)

Mobile App “Safety e-Report” available for both Android and iOS