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Planning and Coordination Office

  • Establishes and coordinates plans and major policies of MOIS
  • Oversees Ministry's budget coordination and execution
  • Formulates basic plans for regulatory reform, legislative bill reviews and publication of the official Gazette
  • Manages the Ministry’s organization and personnel
  • Responsible for information network system within the ministry
  • Supports the Ministry’s International Cooperation affairs

Government Innovation and Organization Management Office

  • Formulates policies on promoting a creative government and opening public information
  • Promotes administrative efficiency by encouraging inter-agency collaboration, increasing privates-public communication, and improving administrative systems
  • Develops public services and polices by promoting public participation and sharing public information
  • Formulates and coordinates comprehensive plans on government organizations and personnel of central government ministries

Digital Government Bureau

  • Coordinates policies to promote efficient digital and mobile government
  • Promotes international cooperation in the area of digital government
  • Promotes efficient operation of information resources through digital government
  • Develops policies on local digital government
  • Develops policies on sharing and quality management of public data

Local Administration Office

  • Supports affairs on local administration and central-local government cooperative issues
  • Oversees policies related to decentralization
  • Responsible for policies on resident participation affairs including local elections and resident recall system
  • Formulates policies on raising the competitiveness of local civil servants
  • Develops policies to improve the evaluation system of local governments
  • Supports job creation and regional economies
  • Coordinates policies to promote regional development

Local Finance and Taxation Office

  • Formulates policies on local government fiscal affairs
  • Conducts analysis for the promotion of sound local fiscal management
  • Supports affairs related to the operation of local state-owned enterprises
  • Drafts mid-to-long term plans and conducts research on local tax systems
  • Oversees affairs related to increasing tax compliance (We-tax)

Centers for Disaster & Safety Management

  • Establishing, administering and controlling, total coordinating policies of safety and disaster
  • Tasks of fire-fighting and disaster prevention
  • Tasks of emergency preparedness and civil defense