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Promoting more responsible and dedicated civil service

Promoting more responsible and dedicated civil service

Toward the realization of a fair society based on open, competitive, and balanced personnel policies

  • MOIS oversees personnel administration policy and promotes diversity and transparency in the recruitment process
  • In order to ensure good representation of the society in the civil service, various types of recruitment are conducted through open competition for career civil service, grade 5 (mid managerial level) recruitment for private sector experts, special recruitment for disabled persons, low income groups, as well as regional recruitment upon recommendation.
  • To make the civil service more competitive, capacity assessment, currently conducted for Director-Generals, will be implemented on Director-level civil servants. Also, mandatory quota for Director-level recruitment from the private sector will be introduced.

Promotion of the welfare of civil servants

  • Our Ministry coordinate various policies to ensure the welfare of civil servants.
    • Education and training programs for self-development (domestic and overseas training, cyber education, etc.)
    • Supporting work and life balance by creating a family-friendly working environment through expanded provision of childcare facilities and flexible working hours.
    • Programs and social activities for post-retirement.

Fostering a trustworthy civil service

  • Our Ministry administers personal asset registration for Director-level officials and disclosure of personal asset for senior officials (above Director-level).
  • Also, we take various measures to promote civil service ethics with inspections and monitoring on receiving bribes and strict reviews for post-public employment.