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2014 UN Public Service Forum and Awards Ceremony kicks off with 1,000 participants from 126 countries around the world
Date : 2014.06.23 Read : 1367
The 2014 UN Public Service Forum and Awards Ceremony, often regarded as the “Public Service Olympics” as the world’s premier forum in public administration, embarked on its four-day events from June 23, 2014 at KINTEX, Goyang City, Korea. Minister of Security and Public Administration Kang Byung-kyu marked a beginning of the forum with his opening address.

The event is joined by 1,861 participants from 126 countries across the globe, especially with 50 ministerial and vice-ministerial senior officials and over 120 world’s great scholars and key speakers.

In his opening remarks, Minister Kang mentioned that the forum could serve as an opportunity to share experiences of Korea, which has developed with the help of the international community and to contribute to co-prosperity of the world. “We are to find a solution to public administration innovation in Government 3.0 (Gov. 3.0),” he added.

Minister continued that “In a nutshell, Gov. 3.0 is a people and field-centered, innovative paradigm for government operation. It aims at providing customized services to citizens in advance, just like a personal secretary and trustworthy partner.”

At the opening ceremony, H.E. former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad and H.E. Irish Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Brendan Howlin delivered keynote speeches.

Former Prime Minister Mahathir, a symbolic figure of national development and administrative innovation, was chosen as one of the keynote speakers for his achievements. He carried out the “Look East Policy,” which benchmarked Korea as a model of nation-building, during his 22-year tenure as Prime Minister.

In his keynote speech, he shared Malaysia’s experiences and cases in overcoming the financial crisis and the government’s role in global competition. “I hope the forum serves as a venue to share our experiences on how to overcome crisis for the happiness of people all around the world,” he added.

Irish Minister Brendan Howlin was invited as a keynote speaker for his leading role in overcoming recent financial crisis of Ireland as the Minister of Public Expenditure and Reform.
In his keynote speech, Minister Howlin shared Ireland’s policies and cases on financial recovery, such as public services, labor-management relations, politics and budgeting process reform. “I hope today’s forum offers us an opportunity to share best public services for the happiness of people and achieve our common goals,” he noted.

In addition, the Public Administration Innovation Pavilion is opened, from 23 to 26, to exhibit model practices on public administration of central and local governments as well as businesses, including 19 prize-winning public services.
  • Ministerial Roundtable at the 2014 UN Public Service Forum
    Ministerial Roundtable at the 2014 UN Public Service Forum

  • Participants of the 2014 UN Public Service Forum
    Participants of the 2014 UN Public Service Forum

  • Prize winners of the 2014 UN Public Service Awards
    Prize winners of the 2014 UN Public Service Awards

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