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Good Governance Video

Promotional Video : Korea’s Good Governance Cases
Date : 2019.02.26 Read : 761
This video clip aims to promote the policy of the Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS) to share development experiences of Korea’s advanced public administration with the international community.

It introduces the key responsibilities of MOIS, which plays a pivotal role in innovating Korea’s public adminstration as the competent authority for international cooperation in the field of public administration.
* Government innovation, e-Government, local autonomy, disaster and safety management
It also shares the best practices of good governance in Korea, well recognized around the world, and achievements of international cooperation.

< Narration >
The world continues to change by the minute.

People’s expectations toward the government have increased dramatically, and the role of the government has become even more important.

Innovations in public administration help us to keep pace with these changes and offer us the solution to create a happier tomorrow for everyone.

Since the establishment of the Korean government,

Ministry of the Interior and safety has stood at the forefront of the efforts to create a better future, expanding public participation and cooperation, realizing social values, and enhancing public trust and integrity.

Our first class e-Government services, bringing the benefits of government service to cyberspace, is recognized all around the world as a supreme example of an online system that has successfully transcended the limitations of time and space.

Our e-Government service has allowed us to process civil services immediately and accurately anytime, anywhere, while our extensive digital database has allowed us to enhance the productivity of our administration dramatically.

A country where everyone can live well: the Ministry of the Interior and Safety facilitates responsible and capable local governments, maintained by the power of the region and the people, to help change our lives for the better.

Decentralized and autonomous local governments create balanced development and resident-centered administration, a cause that we can all smile for.

The other goal of the Ministry of the Interior and Safety is to prevent accidents from occurring in the first place, as well as to create accurate and quick response systems for any disaster that takes place.

We seek to create and strengthen disaster prevention and safety management systems that are firmly grounded in the dignity of human life, and thereby guarantee the safety and well-being of the people.

The Ministry of the Interior and Safety continues to engage in cooperative projects that are designed to share the experience, knowledge, and values of the Korean government.

Our administrative capability and systems, recognized for excellence around the world, are transferred to many countries in order to enhance the image and the prestige of Korea in the eyes of the world as well as to create new drivers of growth.

< Interview >
My impression of Korean government services is that they are immensely effective and efficient. They are quite easy to access, saving users a lot of time.
They are somewhat like the Korean culture, where you take care of everything with speed, and efficiency and that, I believe, is the unique aspect of Korea that makes it different from all others.

All eyes are on Korea’s leading examples of public administration.
Government 24 upgraded from Minwon24, running 24/7 for anyone to easily access civil services anytime, anywhere.
Hometax, a service where people can declare and pay their taxes anytime, anywhere, as well as conduct other services,
help reduce the processing time and costs while enhancing the people’s quality of life and satisfaction.

KONEPS, a transparent and fair procurement system, or UNI-PASS, a quick and convenient alternative for customs, help enhance the efficiency of government services and trust in the government.

The Ministry of the Interior and Safety stands ready to share the experiences and expertise of the Korean administration with the rest of the world at the forefront of innovation and change.

Public administration has served Korea well as the basis of its miraculous growth.

Now, it is brought to the international society to help realize a better world.

Centered around the people and leading the future, the Ministry of the Interior and Safety will continue to work with the world to create a happier future for everyone.