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Good Governance Video

Korea’s Public Administration Innovation
Date : 2017.05.31 Read : 2894

The focus on sustainable development is what makes a country more competive than others!

Many countries around the world are asking themselves.
What makes a country safe and happy for the people?
What does the government need to do for sustainable development?

Don’t you think the answer lies in the efforts to pursue innovation in public administration, ensuring reasonable laws and institutions and making efficient government policies?

In Korea, public administration is driving development in every corner of the society.

Korea’s e-government and Government 3.0 agenda are at the center of innovation in public administration.

ICT-based public administration in Korea improved the performance of public services and enhanced collaboration and communication across the government.

Government 3.0 is a people-centric government innovation agenda. With this agenda, government-held data and information are released to the public, and public services are tailored to individuals’ needs and delivered in an integrated manner.

In Korea, there are a variety of public services that were made by different government agencies but in line with the values pursued by the government.

Government departments work closely together within a systematic management system, improving the efficiency and transparency of the public sector.


In Korea, public administration maintains a significant presence in the economy.

In the face of strong competition, fast and convenient public service delivery helps businesses to respond quickly to the rapidly changing market environment.


Public services are designed from the viewpoint of the people and delivered with a life-event approach from the cradle to the grave.

Korean people find it easy to access public services anywhere anytime.

Also, the government is working tirelessly to provide more government-held data and improve the quality of public services to make the country safe and happy.


Mankind navigated through many challenges and made remarkable progress, but today there are a number of problems that stand in the way of shaping the better future.

To overcome problems facing mankind today, the United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals as a universal agenda promised by all the countries.
This new development agenda calls for change and international cooperation in the area of public administration.

Public administration will be the key to the better future for mankind that Korea and countries around the globe can make happen with their joined efforts.


Public administration in Korea drives development in every corner of the society.


▷ National Computing and Information Agency
▷ Government Business Process System: On-nara
▷ Personnel Management System: e-Saram
▷ Standard Framework

Government 3.0

▷ Easier Driver´s License Renewal
▷ Child-related Benefits Claimed All at Once
▷ Easy Inheritance One-stop Service
▷ Public Data Portal

Public Administration for Greater Efficiency in the Public Sector

Sharing of Administrative Information
- Making people’s lives easier and improving efficiency

Digital Budget and Accounting System (dBrain)
- Managing the entire budget cycle from preparation to execution to asset and liability management to settlement of accounts to performance evaluation

National Records Management of Korea
- Systematic records management process and systems Reference services for the public

Public Administration for Vibrant Economy

Digital Tax Administration System (Hometax)
-“I don’t need to visit a tax office. I can pay tax and get a tax invoice at home.”

Transparency & Fairness in Procurement Administration (KONEPS)
-“All the procurement information is up on the web. Once registered, I can access the whole process from bidding to payment.”

Integrated Legal Information System
-“It’s easy to find law information I need, anywhere anytime.”

Korea Customs E-Clearance System (UNI-PASS)
- Available 24/7, this paperless trade platform helped make Korea one of the nine largest trading nations with $1 trillion of trade volume.

Weather Information Service for Agriculture
-“I can prepare for any severe weather events because they provide all the weather information farmers need.”

Public Administration for the Well-being of the People

Resident Registration System
- Cornerstone of public services that are delivered from the cradle to the grave

Citizen-oriented Civil Petition Service (Minwon 24)
- Official documents as many as 1,154 can be viewed or printed out anywhere anytime over the Internet!

The Online System for Communicating with People(e-People)
-“I log in to e-People when I feel unfairly treated or when I want to file a complaint or make a policy proposal.”

Vehicle History Information Service
-“I can check out complete vehicle history anywhere around the clock.”

Intelligent Transport System (ITS)
-“ITS gives me real-time transport information, and I can get around town fast and safe.”

Korea Information System of Criminal Justice Services (KICS)
- Criminal justice institutions share their information with one another, streamlining the procedure of summary judgement.

Korea Immigration Services based on ICT
-The automated immigration process is fast and accurate at managing traveler identification information.

Integrated Food Safety Information Network
-“Food safety information is gathered and available at one place, and we can prevent food-borne illness thanks to the information.”

- Sustainable Development Goals

We are Ready to go together
In a new era of international cooperation,
Korean Public Administration has much to share.