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The hub of goverenment admistration of the Republic of Korea The Government Complex Sejong
Date : 2017.05.31 Read : 6650
The hub of government administration of the Republic of Korea, The Government Complex Sejong!

Like the height of a low lying building, laying low, we will listen to our people and be close to our people.

Situated in Sejong City for balanced development and national competitiveness, the Government Complex Sejong opened after a long period of construction from 2007 to 2014.

To date, a total of 20 central government agencies and 15,000 public officials have moved down to the Government Complex Sejong through the four rounds of relocation up until 2016, starting from the first round of relocation in 2012, when the first seven departments, including the Prime Minister’s Office and the Finance Ministry were relocated.

The Government Complex Sejong is located right in the center of the country
which makes it possible to travel to other major cities in Korea within two hours thanks to nearby high-speed rails, expressways, and highways.

15 government buildings connected together, the Government Complex Sejong stands on the site of 596,000 square meters, which is as large as 81 soccer fields combined.

With its high level of earthquake resistance and the first grade in energy efficiency, the Government Complex is constructed as a safe and efficient building.
It is also a green building that boasts broad surrounding green areas and a pollution-free waste treatment facility.

In particular, higher connectivity between government agencies is a unique strength of the Government Complex Sejong. Government officials find it easy to work together and share facilities, in an efficient manner as all buildings are connected as one.

The biggest innovation of the Government Complex Sejong is ‘the introduction of the video conference system.

The Video conference system connects 10 government complexes throughout the country,
as well as 17 metropolitan and provincial governments, reducing any inefficiency from physical distance.

A total of 363 video conferences were held only in 2015, and various national policies were discussed over the conferences.

The Government Complex Sejong also offers various facilities for public officials.

Apart from cafeterias and coffee shops, there are 9 daycare centers for officials who are also parents. In addition, gymnasiums and outdoor sports facilities help public officials stay fit and healthy.

The Government Complex Sejong also boasts the world’s largest rooftop garden that connects 15 rooftops!

Citizens, as well as public officials can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the walking trail and savor the beautiful arrangement of wildflowers, reeds and many other plants.

About 11,000 citizens visited the rooftop garden in 2015.

The Sejong Convention Centre has served as a platform for local cultural activities
such as conferences, banquets, and exhibitions.

In 2015, over 480 events, such as a local self-government exhibition, an agritourism expo,
and government-held workshops, have been hosted here, at the Sejong Convention Centre

The Government Complex Sejong leading national competitiveness.

It will be developed as a world-famous premium government building in the future.

The Government Complex Sejong, an administrative center of the Republic of Korea for the people!

An administrative center of the Republic of Korea for the people!,
The Government Complex Sejong