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The Heart of Korean e-Goverment(National Computing and Information Service)
Date : 2017.05.31 Read : 7366
Where can we find the power of Korean e-Government?

Proficient IT technology which can efficiently manage crucial national information assets and support future innovation!

National Computing and Information Service, NCIS poens the future of Korea.

Since its foundation in 2005, National computing and Information Service has become the history of a number of 'first's!

Established the world's first pan-governmental integrated data center!

Launched the first big data analysis organization in government institute!

NCIS is now taking off its another steps to make a bigger IT world and smarter Korea
Before NCIS was established in 2005, each government agency was operating its own computing center.

This approach causes a number of problems such as redundant investment of government fund,
insecure service reliability and inconsistent level of expertise in system management capability among institutes.

Most of all, the systems were left alone exposed in various kinds of cyber threats such as hackings, viruses and DDos since there were none of defense system against them.

To comprehensively resolve all these issues, The Government decided to established NCIS!

National Computing and Information Service has become the heart of Korean e-Government, which stably operates hardware,
software and networks of all the central administrative agencies of Korea by integrating scattered IT infrastructures of each government institute in one centralized place.

NCIS, which has provided enhanced level of security and efficient operation sevice through instegrated manner of operation!

These efforts have become one of the most powerful competitiveness of NCIS!

Comprehensively managing massive volume of IT resources and systems, nTOPS is responsible for the stable system operation.

10 years of accumulated intelligent cyber security management experience and top class expert groups assure seamless secure system operation from any type of cyber threat such as Hacking, DDoS of APT.

One top of that, comprehensive log analysis system which adopted Big Data Technology, manages all the logs created from the entire information system in NCIS in incorporated manner.

With these capable management systems, NCIS can efficiently manage incidents, conduct prevention exercises and prepare for cyber attacks.

NCIS, which offers safer and more consistent e-Government services, excels the world with continuous technological innovation.

NCIS is opening up a new era by passing over the success of today and striving toward the smart government.

G-Cloud supports more efficient information resource management.

It can accommodate various requests of Client Agencies regarding IT resources in a quicker and more convenient manner.

Big Data Analysis Platform completes e-Government service with broader perspective by assisting all the government institutes to set up good policies based on sound data so that they can deliver customized smart services to the people.

One of the safest, easiest, and the smartest e-Government services in the world!

National Compouting and Information Service will lead the way.

NCIS will present the future vision of the world's e-Government.