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The resident registration system of Korea
Date : 2017.05.31 Read : 8091
The resident registration system of Korea enables an administrative organization to record and manage the information on the current residence of persons and address changes within its jurisdiction. By processing administrative affairs based on accurate information on the current place of residence, the resident registration system aims at enhance people's welfare.

The resident registration system records residence information of people.
Processing administrative affairs based on accurate residence information enhance people's welfare.

The resident registration system manages each individual's resident registration card based on the Citizen Registration Act legislated in 1962, and this includes information such as date of birth, current address, and address changes. Resident registration cards used to be managed in paper form.

Citizen Registration Act legislated

However, since the computerization in 1994, all the information has been managed in digital form through the resident registration system.

Resident Registration System Computerization

Today, people don't have to visit their community service centers to get copies of resident registration and submit move-in reports. The resident registration system enables users to do it round-the-clock through the internet.

Not visiting community service center

Now, the computerized data of resident registration are put to use in various state affairs, thereby reducing the number of required documents to be submitted in the administrative processes and improving work efficiency. As a result, it has made people's lives convenient by saving their time and money.

Resident registration data used in various state affairs reduce submitted documents in government offices.

In the past, people had to submit a copy of resident registration in person when they applied for services like a bank loan, child care benefits, a new passport and senior citizen pension benefits. However, service providers may check the resident registration information of applicants directly upon their agreement to do so, and so there is no need for applicants to submit the document.

Community Service Center / National Agency
Submited the resident registration papers in hand
Bank loans / Child care benefits / New Passports / Senior citizen pensions
No hand-in, on line check ok!

Likewise, as much as resident registration information is very useful to people’s life, the protection of resident registration information is very important. For such reasons, in order to prevent abuse of identification cards or copies of resident registration, one can check whether the submitted documents are forged or not at a community service center, on the Internet, or at a bank.

Reduction in Paperwork 60,000,000
SAVED $24,000,000
Resident registration information is very useful to people's life.
One can check NID cards' illegal use at a community service center, on the Internet, or at a bank.
The resident registration system that makes our lives much more convenient! The Korean government will continue to fulfill its role and responsibilities in managing the nation's fundamental system by protecting the precious information more securely and carefully.

Resident Registration System
The resident registration system makes our lives much more convenient!
The korean government will manage resident registration system more securely and carefully