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MOIS launched a virtual assistant service for the public
Date : 2021.04.01 Read : 10030
From April, when vaccinations for those aged 75 and above begin, persons eligible for vaccinations can also apply for the “Public Secretary” service when booking their vaccination appointments, in order to be informed of the vaccination details via the mobile apps of their choice (Naver app, KakaoTalk or Toss) or text message.
The MOIS (Minister Jeon, Hae-cheol) has announced the launch from March 29 (Mon.) of its new Public Secretary service, through which citizens can be informed, in a personalized manner, of not only their vaccination appointment details but also various other necessary administrative data.

Through this service citizens who select in advance commonly used apps, as well as various administrative data (seven types)* of their concern related for example to driver’s license renewals and national scholarship applications, will receive personalized notifications concerning this data via the Public Secretary service, and even be able to pay traffic fines and penalties through it.
* Traffic penalties, traffic fines, driver’s license renewals, school bus driver training, senior driver training, national scholarship applications, and medical check-up date (cancer screening date) notifications

As COVID-19 vaccinations for the elderly aged 75 or older begin from April 1, the MOIS will inform those receiving them of their COVID-19 vaccination appointments via its Public Secretary service, in collaboration with the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency.
※ When obtaining consents to receive vaccinations from seniors aged 75 or older, public officials of the eups/myeons/dongs concerned will also check those seniors’ desires to apply for the Public Secretary service to receive vaccination information.
The Public Secretary vaccination information provision service is a representative example of public-private partnership to overcome COVID-19, and is offered free of charge pursuant to an MOU signed on March 10 by the MOIS, Naver, Kakao and Viva Republica (operated by Toss).

With its Public Secretary service now launched, the MOIS plans to improve the service’s functions by reflecting the opinions of the public, while continuing to heighten its convenience for citizens by adding an additional 30 types of administrative data to the service’s coverage by the end of this year.

Minister of the Interior and Safety Jeon, Hae-cheol commented that, “At this time, when vaccinations for seniors aged 75 or older are being started in order to overcome the national disaster caused by COVID-19, the MOIS expects to be able to help citizens receive their vaccines without any inconvenience through its Public Secretary provision of notification services.”

He added that “Public Secretary is a representative example of innovation in which the government and the private sector cooperate to deliver public services. By providing notifications of diverse daily life-related administrative data, on matters such as traffic fines and national scholarships, the MOIS will ensure that Public Secretary becomes a personal secretary for all of the nation’s people.”
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