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MOIS implements further digital government innovation with launch of Public My Data Service
Date : 2021.02.25 Read : 4030
From now on, the inconvenience associated with preparation of multiple administrative documents when applying for bank credit loans, housing subscriptions, etc. will lessen significantly, as will the number of cases of cancellation or deferral due to incorrect submission of documents.
The MOIS (Minister Jeon, Hae-cheol) has announced the launch from February 24 of the “Public My Data Service,” allowing users to apply for services easily by gathering all at one time the minimum required personal information scattered across various administrative and public institutions.
The new service innovation is being applied to eight services currently operated by six institutions,* associated with micro enterprises, jobs, finance, etc., to enhance service provision to the people.
* Small Enterprise and Market Service, Gyeonggi Job Foundation, Korea Credit Information Services, Credit Counseling & Recovery Service, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Korea Real Estate Board
Amid the growing importance of establishing data sovereignty in society recently, the Korean government has taken the following actions through introducing and promoting the “Public My Data Service”:
It has extracted the necessary data items from the documents for verification that citizens must submit to access various services offered by public and private institutions, and provided this extracted data in data packages so as to allow citizens to directly utilize their own administrative data.
It has also streamlined procedures such as the verification of document authenticity, the review of documents and the input of documents through the “Public My Data Service,” to help the institutions charged with handling such tasks improve their job performance efficiency.
The eight services launched are available to all citizens at the counters for civil services of the institutions concerned, or via the institutions’ homepages or apps.
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