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Republic of Korea talks the future of digital government with digital leaders
Date : 2020.11.10 Read : 9872
The Ministry of the Interior and Safety participated in the 7th Digital Nations Ministerial Summit hosted by the Canadian government.
The Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS, Minister Chin, Young) participated in the 7th Digital Nations hosted virtually by the Canadian government from November 3 to 4 along with governments of Denmark, Estonia, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, the UK, and Uruguay.
The Digital Nations is composed of ten uniquely different countries that are leading the digital government agenda of the international community. Each year, ten ministers get together to discuss emerging issues and seek future directions for countries to consider in the area of digital government.
This year, with the theme of “Resilient and Responsive Service”, member countries shared their digital policies and experiences of leveraging digital technologies to better respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, countries discussed how governments can enhance their resilience, responsiveness and agility in the post-COVID-19 era.
The Korean government introduced the “Digital New Deal” and “Intelligent Government Initiatives” to drive digital transformation accelerated by the pandemic. It also highlighted policies on the data-driven public administration and digital inclusion.

At this year’s summit, the Digital Nations member countries reaffirmed their commitment to the group and the advancement of digital government for the international community by signing an updated charter. The charter contains nine principles that all member countries need to work towards. Taking into consideration the changes brought upon us by the pandemic, the updated charter emphasizes on bridging the digital divide and the ethical use of emerging technologies. The charter will be on the Digital Nations website:
Korea will chair the group in 2022 after the UK next year.
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