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Take Part in the Earthquake Drill on May. 16th
Date : 2018.05.14 Read : 2131
□ When?
ㅇ Wednesday, May. 16, 2018 at 2:00 p.m.

□ Where?
ㅇ Across the nation(Korea)

□ What?
ㅇ Drills for evacuation fter siren warning is issued assuming earthquake situations

□ Siren warning
ㅇ At 2:01:30 p.m. on May. 16, siren (disaster warning) will go off for 1 minutes across the country to inform the start of the evacuation

□ What to do during the drill?
ㅇ When an siren warning is issued, you shall protect your body under table or desk for 2 minutes
ㅇ Close gas valves, turn off electronic appliances and go to the nearest shelter(wide open space including park, square, school playground))
ㅇ After arriving at the shelter, stay informed with TV or radio on, and follow instructions of the Ministry of Interior and Safety and Security.