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Korean e-Government paves the way for New Southern Policy
Date : 2018.04.04 Read : 2449
The Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS) sent a delegation for e-Government cooperation, headed by Director General Kim Hye-young for Personal Information Protection and consisting of seven government agencies including the Ministry of Employment and Labor, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Korea Employment Information Service and National Information Society Agency to Cambodia and Vietnam on March 28-30 with an aim to bolster mutual cooperation on e-Government.

So far, relevant ministries used to separately conduct international cooperation projects on e-Government. The dispatch of the delegation this time is especially meaningful in that the MOIS, for the first time, organized the government delegation for joint cooperation project on e-Government. The Korean government aimed to share Korea’s stage-by-stage experiences on building e-Government, from legislations to system architect, job design and performance evaluation with Cambodia and Vietnam.

In particular, the delegation offered policy consultation to Cambodia on how to lay a legal basis for e-Government, which would provide a strong foothold for Korea’s e-Government to make inroads into Southeast Asia.

On March 29, the delegations held the Korea-Cambodia e-Government Cooperation Forum at the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications building, attended by 200 participants including Cambodia’s Minister of Post and Telecommunication Tram Iv Tek, Cambodia’s Director General of Identification Mao Chandara, Korean Ambassador to Cambodia Oh Nak-young and Cambodian public officials.

At the forum, participants introduce key e-Government projects of the two countries, and Korea’s case on the staged establishment of e-Government. At the panel discussion, working-level discussion was actively held on various areas of e-Government including resident registration, employment and labor, as well as infrastructure and transport.

The delegation also had discussion with Cambodia’s senior officials on the introduction of Korean-type e-Government Act and Korean-type resident registration system in order to lay an institutional groundwork for Cambodia’s e-Government. In addition, they examined the progress of introducing Korea’s Worknet (employment information system) and National Land Information System in Cambodia.

On March 30, the delegation visited Vietnam and held the Korea-Vietnam e-Government Cooperation Forum with Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Telecommunications to seek further projects on e-Government.

Director General Kim Hye-young commented that “I hope the forums will serve as an opportunity to make a leap forward to foster cooperation on e-Government with Cambodia and Vietnam. “MOIS will bolster e-Government cooperation with Southeast Asian countries to help build their administrative capacity through Korea’s leading e-Government,” Director General Kim added.