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MOIS and Denmark discusses future strategies for e-Government
Date : 2018.03.09 Read : 2296
Minister Kim Boo-Kyum of the Interior and Safety met with the Danish parliamentary delegation led by Madame Speaker Ms. Pia Kjaersgaard and consisting of parliamentary members including Deputy Speaker Mr. Kristian Pihl Lorenzen and Deputy Speaker Mr. Lief Mikkelsen on March 8 at the Government Complex Seoul and discussed the areas of common interests including future e-government and local devolution.

Denmark is one of the leading digital governments in Europe, ranking 9th in UN e-Government Survey in 2016, with remarkable achievements in the field of e-government. For instance, the Danish government issues Nem-ID, a digital identity meaning ‘easy ID,’ for all citizens over 15 and provides Digital Post for allowing citizens to view official documents online. The Danish delegation requested to arrange the meeting, with a keen interest in Korea’s e-government future strategies.

Minister Kim welcomed the Danish parliamentary delegation to the ministry and shared Korea’s e-government future visions, including an “Intelligent Government” that offers tailored services by utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as AI, big data and IoT as well as a “Smart Nation” where people can enjoy administrative services anywhere and anytime via on-and off-line platforms.

Madame Speaker Kjaersgaard looked forward to further strengthen bilateral cooperation in spreading AI-based Intelligent Government and expressed a profound interest in Korea’s policies to promote devolution and balanced regional development.

Minister Kim Boo-Kyum commented that “I hope today’s meaning serve as a valuable opportunity to share best practices and future strategies of e-government with Denmark, a digital leader in Europe, and take digital government to the next level.”