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MOIS to open an online course on ICT-based Response to COVID-19 of Korea
Date : 2020.10.07 Read : 21009
The first theme is intended to provide background knowledge to understand the K-quarantine model, covering policies on disaster management governance, the healthcare system, and strategies to respond to infectious diseases.
The second theme explains how the Korea government is utilizing ICT to respond to COVID-19, covering the self-quarantine safety protection app, the self-diagnosis app for those who underwent special entry procedures, the epidemiological investigation support system, and the smart quarantine system.
The last theme covers the cases of private-public partnership under which the private sector leads service design and delivery using public data such as a corona map, notifying available masks nearby, and AI-based diagnosis and monitoring of possible spread.

All lectures are available in English and Korean on K-MOOC(*, an online-based learning platform run by NILE under the Ministry of Education (MOE). The courses are open to anyone who is interested.
* K-MOOC stands for Korean Massive Open Online Course. Anyone can take online courses from universities and institutions anywhere, anytime for free.
MOIS plans to promote the course to over 1,000 ICT experts and officials of relevant ministries/public agencies globally, using the existing network built over the years for cooperation on digital government.
MOIS will take this opportunity to promote Korea’s digital government and the K-quarantine model, and to support the international community’s response to COVID-19.
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