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Korea’s e-Government reaches Peru and Brazil
Date : 2017.06.20 Read : 1244
The Ministry of the Interior (MOI) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) sent out a joint government delegation on e-Government from central and local governments, headed by Director General Chung Yoon Kee and comprised of seven organizations including Seoul Metropolitan City, Anyang City, Korea Local Information Research & Development Institute, National Information Society and Korea Public Finance Information Service, to Peru and Brazil from June 12 through 20.

Starting with a high-level meeting on e-Government with the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Peru, the delegation will hold a training on digital government at the Public Officials Training Institute of Peru (Spanish: Escuela Nacional de Administracion Publica, ENAP). Also, the Korean delegation will hold the Cooperation Forum on e-Government and Expert Meeting including Arequipa, Chile and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The Korean delegation on e-Government to Latin America, jointly organized by MOI and MOFA, has been dispatched every year since 2013 with an aim to secure a bridgehead to expand Korea’s digital government export to the region. The dispatch of delegation this year is especially meaningful in that the scope of partner agencies has been broadened from central governments to local governments to suggest e-Government-driven solutions to urban challenges.

On June 13-14, the delegation signed an MOU on Korea-Peru e-Government Cooperation Center with H.E. Fernando Zavala, Prime Minister of Peru, to kick off bilateral cooperation project on e-Government, and discussed ways to foster cooperation on digital government with H.E. Carlos Vadez, Vice Minister of Transport and Communications of Peru.

In addition, the delegation gave lectures on Korea’s e-Government systems including digital budget and accounting system (D-brain), urban transportation system and urban security system to Peru’s senior officials from central and local governments at ENAP.

On June 15-20, the delegation will hold the Cooperation Forum on e-Government with local government officials from Lima and Arequipa, Peru and Sao Paolo, Brazil to explore cooperation models on e-Government.

The head of delegation, Director General Chung, commented that “the joint central and local government delegation on e-Government took the first step to bolster cooperation on digital government with local governments in Latin America.” “I hope that Korea’s leading e-Government technologies and small and medium hidden ICT champions will make inroads into the region,” he added.