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(United Nations Public Administration Network) Internationally Recognized Public Administration - 2010 No.1, 2012 No.1, 2014 No.1, 2016 No.3

Korea ranked first in the UN E-Government Survey for three consecutive terms. This marvelous achievement, however, did not happen overnight. The Korean government has worked tirelessly for decades to build and improve its e-Government systems, setting up computer network for public administration in 1987 and launching innovative e-public services such as e-procurement system (called “Narajangteo/National Marketplace”) and 24-hour public service portal (called “Minwon 24”). As a result, most of the public services are delivered online now, making the Korean government ever more transparent.

Government at Your Service Anywhere Anytime

  • Public Service Portal “Minwon 24” : This portal enables the Korean people to enjoy public services at their convenience 24/7 (2011 UN Public Service Award winner).
  • Smart Office : Cloud-based business process system made Smart Office possible, helping civil servants communicate and work together across organizational boundaries without being constrained by time and space.

Integrated Information / Data Management

  • Information Sharing Portal : This portal contains information required to provide people with public services. Upon request for public services, civil servants can check out necessary information themselves without requesting people to submit it.
  • National Computing and Information Service (NCIS) : The NCIS was established to integrate and manage government data and information that were once managed separately by individual government departments.

Korea’s Internationally Renowned e-Government Systems

  • Immigration e-clearance system, e-tax administration system, business process management system for government, e-patent administration system, postal logistics information system, national disaster management information system, etc.

Korea's E-Gov. Development and success factors.

Korea's E-Gov. Development and success factors
  • 1. Korea’s National Development and e-Government
  • 2. Evaluation on Korea’s e-Government
  • 3. Korea’s e-Government Development
  • 4. Success Factors for Korea’s e-Government

Koreas E-government Best Practices

Koreas E-government Best Practices
  • 1. Effects of Introducing E-government
  • 2. Cases of enhanced efficiency of public administration
  • 3. Cases of enhanced transparency of public administration
  • 4. Cases of improved services for citizens

Future of e-Gov

Future of e-Gov
  • 1. Change to Digital Society
  • 2. New ICT and human-oriented future e-Government