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MOI selected 7 projects to support overseas expansion of e-Government
Date : 2017.07.11 Read : 1118
The Ministry of the Interior (MOI) will carry out a project of supporting the export of Korea’s e-Government model, with 1 billion won of budget, for six months from July to December 2017 to spread its digital government across the globe.

Started in 2016, the project to support overseas expansion of Korea’s e-Government is aimed at assisting digital government-related international cooperation activities by each government organization and linking those activities to the export of e-Government system and services.

The areas of support projects include consulting of feasibility study, invitation of foreign officials for training, dispatch of experts abroad and participation in road show. The project activities were selected after investigating demands of each organization and undergoing deliberation by the Project Selection Deliberation Council consisting of experts from academia and relevant agencies.

Also, when selecting e-Government projects for overseas expansion, the will of target countries as well as the need and effect of projects were taken into account. As a result, countries with strong potential in e-Government such as Laos and Vietnam in Southeast Asia, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan in Central Asia, Costa Rica in Latin America and Serbia in Europe were selected as target countries for projects.

The seven selected projects are as follows: 1) Consulting for Advancement of Procurement System of Costa Rica (Public Procurement Service); 2) Establishment of Master Plan for Deposit Insurance System of Laos (Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation); 3) Establishment of Master Plan for Smart Urban Disaster Management System of Da Nang, Vietnam (Daegu Metropolitan City); 4) Establishment of Master Plan for e-Constitutional Court System of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan (Constitutional Court of Korea); 5) Invitation of Jamaican Public Officials for Training on Resident Registration Data System (Ministry of the Interior); 6) Invitation of Serbian Public Officials for Training on National Archives Management System (National Archives of Korea); and 7) Participation in Overseas Road Show on Cyber Security System (National Computing and Information Service).

As the key ministry in charge of e-Government, MOI will support cooperation activities of each organization to diversify export items regarding digital governmentt and expand export of Korea’s e-Government services and systems. The ministry will carry out government-wide cooperation projects on e-Government.

Vice Minister Shim Bo-kyun commented that “our ministry will provide systematic support for the selected projects to result in actual export.” “I hope that such support will serve as a good stepping stone for Korean companies to make inroads into the global market in the future,” he added.