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More advanced administrative services and efficient operation of government

More advanced administrative services and efficient operation of government

Leading the world e-Government

  • In charge of the entire Korean e-Government, MOIS facilitates convenient, efficient, and transparent government to enhance citizens’ satisfaction and government productivity. MOIS is constantly improving the Korean e-Government to provide better government services to the citizens in the face of rapid technology changes.
  • MOIS shares Korea’s experience and lessons learned with its international partners through various means including the Korean e-Government Experience Program, international forums/seminars, high-level dialogues, and an e-Government Cooperation Center.

Promoting Smart Administrative Services

  • MOIS provides different smart services to raise users’ convenience and satisfaction.
    • Smart civil affairs service : Real-time reporting of inconveniences created in public places (e.g., road damage) to relevant government agencies with photographs taken from smartphones.
    • Smart Security : In collaboration with the CCTV control tower, advanced response measures are taken for violent crimes and missing children.
    • Smart Disaster Management : Real-time monitoring on disasters such as floods and landslides.

Smart administrative environment for improved efficiency

  • Our Ministry has established the Smartwork Center in select regions, allowing long-distance commuters to work closer from their homes.
  • Also, we plan on creating mobile offices using smartphones and tablet PCs.
  • As part of our efforts, mobile device-based working method is already in operation for parking and food and sanitary inspections.